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Young Fun

Enhance your Happiness,
Meditation With a Twist!

Meditation Session

Allow yourself 30 minutes
inside the studio,

no appointment necessary!
See ya soon
get your mediation on!!!

A woman is doing yoga while listening music with headphones
  A young woman is meditating in the park
	A man meditating with a bright rock in his hands

Like-Minded Energies

With like-minded energies

group meditations can produce powerful results. Silence the noise & quiet your mind for inner peace.

Your Mind-Set

Positive Affirmations is our goal in manifesting the best version of your inner self. Strengthen your focus on what you truly want. You can rebuild your thoughts and create amazing results. It's time to believe in a new and improved you.

Special Activities will Include

Paint & Sip 
Date mixers
Couples night 
Learn to Salsa 

Hip hop & rnb 
Private Fitness 
Youth talent 
Healing crystal sessions
Check our events calendar for all activities.

And also enjoy our 15 minute customized meditation sessions for only $15


"Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence,

so that's very important for good health."

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

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