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Youth Meditation

Mediation shouldn't begin only at adulthood.  We want to encourage our youth to be the best version of themselves.  We can help encourage positive thoughts for a healthier mindset.

We want to keep meditation, fun and exciting for our youth so we will have activities included in our meditation sessions. Stay plugged in on our events page and book your spot.

You got this  a meditation studio in newport news

Hello everyone! Start your week off with an abundance of positivity and good  self-esteem. Block out your negative thoughts and focus on being productive. This session can help you to stay focussed and promote repetitive thoughts of positive  messages to your mindset & your mental well-being.

Image by Mark Hayward  a meditation studio in newport news

Meditating can encourage our kids to feel better and more confident about themselves. This can promote healthier thoughts and better decision making. 

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Good Vibes Only


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